We are a design-driven luxury art company.

Gulf Art Gallery is more than an art store. Its an idea, its a story, it began as most companies did, with a dream, and as the dream grew, so did everyone involved in it.

Now, on this world wide stage set in Dubai, Gulf Art Gallery has set to become the biggest and the best art retailer with a culturally driven art style and possibility of reaching a much wider and bigger audience in future. It’s time for a new story, a new chapter, a new dream to take its shape and a new legend to begin.


+15 Years of experience


Artworks sold


Customer rating

“Highest quality artworks, using heritage techniques.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the best place to buy art in UAE?

Answer: Gulf Art Gallery stands out as Dubai’s premier art destination, renowned for its unmatched excellence. The gallery boasts an exquisite collection of limited edition canvas artworks, paired with a plethora of frame options and exquisite finishes, tailored to suit diverse tastes and preferences. With an unrivaled commitment to artistic brilliance, it has become the go-to hub for art enthusiasts seeking the finest masterpieces in the United Arab Emirates.

Question: How can I order art from gulfartgallery.com?

Answer: Ordering art online from Gulf Art Gallery is a seamless process. Customers can easily browse through diverse categories like abstract, calligraphy, Arabic art, sketches, traditional artworks, and patterns to find their desired piece. Next, they can select the preferred size and choose between framed or rolled finish. The final step involves secure payment via debit or credit card, making the whole experience hassle-free and convenient at gulfartgallery.com


What our professional customers are saying about us

“Shehzad’s Time and Space is a master piece. I’ve kept it in my room since 2021 and it amazes me every time I look at it. It has so much detail in it and every sentence has a meaning which gives me a new energy and my house a positive vibe.”

Danish Karim / Karim Home

“We have worked with Gulf Art Gallery on commissioning various of their artworks for our projects. They are always professional, creative and have delivered exceptional results. They understand the brief and requirements, creating for us our desired artworks.”

Donna Tzelepis / Studio Feel

“Keep up the excellent work. If you aren’t sure, always look into their collection for commissioning artworks. There is at least one artwork, for every project we ever need. I know their team since 2018 and now its great to see their online art store launch finally.”

Rinat Nurgabylov / Art Coast
Gulf Art Gallery LLC

Sharjah Media City – Shams Al Messaned – Al Mutsannid Suburb
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.


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